Anybody who thinks working at a bookstore is slack should be shot in the shins. Why?  Because that’s how I feel right now, after a week straight of working. It’s Saturday, and my last day off was Saturday. My next day off is Thursday. I’m not impressed. Know what we do all day? Stand. Walk. Talk to people. Stand more. Walk more. We don’t get a chance to sit and give our poor bodies a rest until our break, and even then it feels like it goes by too quickly, and isn’t enough to really help at all. My whole body is in pain. My shins, knees and heels from standing and walking all day, every day, and my back from poor sleep and irregular habits, and the usual – a heavy front. Fuck boobs. They’re heavy. I was in so much pain today and last night I wanted to cry. I’m not going to whine to my manager though, because I am apparently literally the only one who can cover shifts. Everyone else either specified they can only work part time, or are going to school. Because I made myself available, and because I’m not going to school right away, I am scheduled for every fucking day. I was supposed to have last Thursday off, but a new girl randomly stopped showing up and I had to cover her shift. I’m exhausted D:

To add to it, coworkers are still having midterms, and Christmas is coming up, and I’m going to be pushed even further. I’m notorious for getting really sick and staying really sick, and it’s a miracle I haven’t been yet, but if I keep getting overworked like this, I’m going to be down for the count for a least a week or two. I already feel like I’m getting clogged up. This sucks. Don’t ever get a job.

It doesn’t help that I’m too tired to properly write, and one of my coworkers, though she’s nice enough, has catastrophic body odour. I fucking choked on it last night. Why don’t people know how to bathe!?

I am really pissed off right now, in case you can’t tell.

If I had more energy, I could devote more time to writing, or to Skyrim, or to watching the Borgias, now that I’ve been informed it’s on Netflix. Francois Arnaud plays Cesare, who I have a total historical figure crush on, despite him being the villain of Ass Creed: Brotherhood, and after reading a book where he’s a total creep, and the fact that, I dunno, he fucked his sister? It helps that Francois Arnaud is gorgeous. And Canadian. Yes, that helps.

Watch the Tudors. It’s worth it.

I need HBO, or someone with an in. I missed half of season 4 of True Blood, and I really want to watch Game of Thrones. Somebody halp!

I’m cold. My extremities are starting to go numb. I love living in the great white north fuck that, I live in Canada’s only desert but even though there’s no snow yet, it’s cold as balls, and for some reason we aren’t allowed to turn up the heat, due to my mother being a thermometer nazi.

On deviantART, an Elder Scrolls poem I wrote in five minutes has over 700 views. It’s second only to the first chapter of my super dumb and cliched vampire story, due to dA not supporting writers. I wrote it as a song for a skooma-addicted character to sing while high, laughed at it afterwards, posted it on dA, and wut? It’s popular. I mean, I like it, but honestly… read something I give a major fuck about.

Jesus Christ on a cracker, I think I’m done. My mother needs to gtfo the tv so I can watch the Borgias on Netflix and ogle Francois Arnaud, and forget for the next few hours that I have to fucking work in the morning.

This is cranky Jessica, by the way. She’s been elusive lately, but physical pain pisses her right off.

Okay. /endrant

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