Hi, I’m from Canada, and suddenly I live in a meat freezer.

We had a mild winter. A very mild winter. All of Canada, but especially where I live, where it’s usually cold and snowy.

And now, quite suddenly, all of Canada decided to stop giving a fuck, and now places that don’t get snow EVER are getting 6-8 centimetres a day, schools are closing, power-lines are falling from angry winds (pretty sure I heard the Weather Network say Ontario had 70km/hr winds), and accidents are a given. My friend, who is in the army in Ontario, complained that the navy, which is stationed in my provincial capital, has the day off due to snowfall. Granted, the navy is a little bitch in the hierarchy of military (going air force, ground army, navy, in terms of pay and badassery), but the fact that Victoria, an island city which has balmy year-round weather, is so cold and snowy that a government service like the navy has shut down means that shit is serious.

So, like I said, I live in a place where winters are supposed to be cold. Not just Canada’s stereotype in general, but I live in the British Columbia interior, in a little valley. We usually get a hefty snowfall and negative weather, but all winter it’s been pinner little flurries of snow and just cold enough to need gloves.

And that's not counting the wind chill.

The Weather Network and actual meteorologists, not just my iPod, forecast even colder for the rest of the week.

Luckily, it’s going to get warmer at the end of the week, but I heard that the temperature is going to drop significantly next week. Yay, right? That just means melting snow and refreezing into icy roads. It was a wearing-two-pairs-of-pants-at-once kind of day, that progressed into a wearing-scarf-on-shift, then stealing the heater from the back as soon as the girl needing it left.

Boo, winter, you whore.

The cold punched Canada in the face after several months lying in wait.

What a dick.

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