Halloween 2012

Happy post-Halloween, blogosphere! What did everyone do this year? Party hardy, trick-or-treat, dress up? I want to know!

Some of you may remember my Halloween post from last year, in which I explained the DVA treat trail and my very successful Amy Winehouse getup. This year, I was working on Halloween and thus once again participated in the dressing up and treat trail, and it was, oh, so fun.

In honour of one of my favourite movies, maybe not just of the year but of all time, the Hunger Games, I dressed up as the outrageous and colourful Effie Trinket!

And may the odds be ever in your favour.

That is mahogany!
I don’t even think they can have dessert. And you can!

The comments weren’t as funny as last year’s, but it was still so much fun. I had to switch out my pink shoes for some more normal black heels early on in the workday, due to the fact that these pink shoes are the devil and I hate them. One little girl during the treat trail got her candy from my coworker, then turned to me and looked at me, deadpan, and said, “You’re Effie Trinket from the Hunger Games.” So I gave her extra candy. Obviously.

What did everyone else do for Halloween? Was it awesome and spooky and filled with candy?


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