Parental Embarrassment: Changeling teaser

Holding back the eager power of his own spirit, Alistair closed the rest of the distance between them, and his son’s spirit came into view.

“Spirits, Father. You’re a wolf!”

“You too? Good. I’m glad it isn’t just Aisling who sees it that way.” Alistair peered at the creature sitting timidly in front of him. “You are… odd-looking.”

The thing lifted its forepaws and looked around as if seeing itself for the first time. “Why? What am I?”

Alistair frowned and let out a groan. “Oh, I know the name. You know in all those Cyrille and Althaean fauna books your grandmother gave you when you were a boy?”

The thing put its forepaws down and its nose and whiskers twitched. “Yes…”

“They have a whole chapter on these things. Oh, what is it? They live in fields and forests. Bit like a rabbit but with horns?”

“I’m a jackalope?”

“Yes! That’s the one! You’re a jackalope!” Alistair beamed and barked out a laugh when the creature’s face screwed up in a grimace. “You’re adorable, Lola.”

“Why can’t be a wolf? I’m a Wymer too.” One of the paws lifted and grazed the curling horns atop its head. “That’s unfair. Mistress Aisling is a dragon, you’re a wolf, Riane is a fox… why do I have to be prey?”

“To be fair, son, I was a rabbit when Aisling first taught me magic,” Alistair pointed out, still fighting back chuckles. “I had to grow into being a wolf. At least your rabbit has horns. I doubt even dragons want to eat something that has horns.”

Somewhere just within his hearing, he heard a loud sigh and Aisling’s voice mutter, “Anytime you wish to stop chatting and learn more about this ill feeling of his.”

The jackalope’s eyes bugged and its whiskers trembled. “What was that?”

“Oh, that was Aisling. She is still in my head. This is a bit of a magical threesome we’ve got here.”


Alistair grinned and glanced back over his shoulder. Aisling’s dragon was barely visible through the fog. “What? There are three of us connected here. Isn’t that a threesome?”

Please stop talking.”

“Fine, fine. Both of you are ruining the fun of all this.”

The jackalope made a face. “This is supposed to be fun?”

“Not at all,” Aisling said.

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